Overall Tune-Up & Alignment




      Check Tires (wear, tube, valve stem, rim liner and pressure)

     *Adjust Derailleurs (Front or Rear)

     *Adjust Brake Pads and Cable Tension

      Replace Pads **if necessary

     *Adjust Headset

     *Adjust Bottom Bracket

     *Adjust Front Hub 

     *Adjust Rear Hub

      Clean Drive Train (using solvent and high pressure air)

      Wheel Truing   (lateral and radial-front and rear wheels) 

      Check Chain, Chain Rings and Sprockets

      Center Chain Line.

      Lubricate Chain

      Safety Check (Frame integrity and fastener torque settings)        Test Ride

      *set, align and tighten within optimum tolerances    

         $139.00 is for Labour Only.

         **If any new parts are required, we will notify you of additional                    costs and get your approval prior to installing.

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